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Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Experts-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Riviera Beach

Trees should be maintained, and pruning is one of the maintenance practices that you cannot ignore. Many property owners feel that tree pruning & tree removal is only necessary for young and growing trees. While it is true that growing trees require pruning, it does not only apply to young trees. Even the huge trees that you see in your yard may also require pruning.

Let our professionals at Riviera Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team handle your pruning. We have experts with the experience and tools needed to accomplish any pruning exercise. It is very easy to prune the trees that are still growing as their foliage is reachable. However, as the trees’ height goes beyond 8 feet, many property owners give up the pruning exercise altogether. From our side, we are here to tell you that a tree needs pruning in its entire lifetime for various reasons that we are yet to see. Do not abandon your trees by the mere fact that you cannot reach the foliage. Use our professional tree pruning services for both trees in your residential and commercial property. We have the expertise that is needed to carry out the task.

Why do you need to prune your trees?

Both young and mature trees need pruning. However, pruning in young trees is done for a different purpose from that for mature trees. So, we will start by discussing the benefits of pruning young and growing trees then we will wrap it up with the benefits that pruning a fully-grown tree has to you to the trees themselves.

Pruning in young trees

Young trees require regular pruning to remove lower branches that are drying. By doing so, you encourage the growth of the tree. Also, when properly done, you stand a chance to improve the structural growth of your trees. Properly pruned trees are way much stronger than trees that have not been pruned at all. Removal of the excess foliage makes the tree divert resources to structural growth. However, if the pruning is done wrongly, then your trees might get damaged structurally which will affect their life thereafter. This makes it vulnerable to breakages during winds and storms as opposed to professionally pruned trees. Pruning in young trees also helps in maintaining their shapes thereby improving their aesthetic appeal.

Pruning in mature trees

Pruning in mature trees is mainly done to keep the property safe. It is for safety and to control diseases. The branches that hang close to your roof or close to the utility lines are cut. These may become hazardous if not cut off. The diseased branches are also cut off. Sometimes, the entire tree may need to be removed if it is dead, diseased, or poses a threat to the property.

Whether you want to prune young or old trees, our services are designed for both. We have professionals who have experience in handling both tasks appropriately. Just contact us for these and many other services as listed below.

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